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Once again I return to the rose motif. I would like to convey the character of this flower as faithfully as possible, but it is not so easy.
Elements that are convex in a real rose here they must be concave so that they become bright when the light source is turned on.
So I have to carve something like a negative, remembering that the whole thing remains aesthetic when the lamp is turned off.
I suspect that I will take up the rose in the future again.
There are slight discolorations in the upper part of the carving; these are probably spots created during the drying of the gourd fruit.
Unfortunately, such surprises are most often discovered only when removing the first layer of material at the sanding stage.
Maintaining the aesthetics of the work becomes much more difficult in such a situation, because the transparency of the gourd walls in these places is different than in others.
Grinding must then be extremely precise, the material is removed with an accuracy of a fraction of a millimeter.
This lamp took an exceptionally long time to create, almost half a year. I admit that not only because of technical difficulties but also because I allowed myself to well deserved vacation.

Height: 50cm

Diameter: 24cm

Power: 230V

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