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Fern flower



Two gourds were used to make this lamp. One as the main part – carved, the other to make the base. I admit that while carving the flower I was carried away by fantasy and led me to the unknown regions of my imagination – as a result, the cut contours represent a science-fiction flower, at least I know that it exists only in one copy and is nowhere to be found outside of my work. After switching on the lamp, it becomes orange-red, adopting these colors in a completely natural way without the use of additional dyes and only by grinding the wall to the appropriate thickness with an accuracy of a fraction of a millimeter. Several thousand openings around the perimeter paint the walls in fancy patterns. This lamp shows all its qualities in the right room, preferably on empty walls. In addition, you can get very different effects by placing it in different positions relative to the walls. The base is a half of another gourd painted in the same color so that it does not differ stylistically from the whole. Inside the base there is a transformer, because the bulb is powered by 12V. It took over 3 months to make the lamp.

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