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The rose motif has returned in this lamp, albeit a bit synthetic. The base as before in a spiral pattern. The central red pattern is a repeated oval motif with a smaller and smaller diameter, obtained by hand grinding the surface with an accuracy of a fraction of a millimeter. On the remaining surface there …

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calabash, gourd lamp


Hand carved African gourd lamp. It was created for several months as a gift for a loved one. In the center there is an imitation of a rose flower. There are about 10,000 on the perimeter. precision drilled holes. Warm golden light creates a pleasant, mysterious mood in the room.


Hand carved African gourd lamp. In the upper part there is a carved rose flower. The lamp was made for half a year as a gift for a friend. It contains approx. 10 thousand. precisely drilled holes that create atmospheric light in the room.


 Another sculpture made of gourd took over 4 months to create and took nearly 400 hours of active work. The pattern, like the previous works, consists of two zones – a carved flower, which when illuminated takes on a red-orange color, and an imitation of leaves formed by about 7,000 drilled holes. The differences in …

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The model for this lamp was a dahlia flower. The carved flower petals in this lamp are arranged in a golden spiral based on the sequence of Fibonacci numbers, which in itself is a miraculous phenomenon occurring in nature.

Lotus flower

As before, the central place is occupied by a carved flower. The lotus flower has a very rich symbolism, but always positive. It refers to rebirth and enlightenment as well as harmony of body and mind. It is a magical flower not only for symbolic reasons, but also for completely natural reasons. Did you know …

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I present the latest lamp this time in the hanging version. The scheme remained the same as in previous works – a carved flower giving red light and patterns composed of several thousand holes projecting a mandala of light on the ceiling. The gourd I used is not perfectly spherical, it is slightly flattened on …

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