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Karol Okoński


„Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”.

About me

My name is Karol Okoński, I live in Olsztyn, a city located in the Land of a Thousand Lakes.
In fact, there are over 2,600 lakes and lots of greenery in our area, which together create beautiful landscapes, and the Land of a Thousand Lakes was even a finalist in the competition for the 7 New Wonders of the World.

It is a great pleasure for me to live here and create the lamps that I present below. The first lamps I made went to my relatives and friends. Others found buyers in Poland and abroad. The lamps went to, among others, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Spain and the USA.

Creating lamps is my great passion. The creative process itself is a journey to the land of my imagination and an attempt to convey the state of my soul to the world. It is a kind of self-therapy and self-realization, a state comparable to meditation.
Each lamp takes three to four months to make, so only three or four lamps are produced each year. Each of them is different, made only in one copy. Most of the lamps contain a carved motif - an orange-red flower. The gourd adopts such colors in a completely natural way by shining light through its walls, which are polished to the appropriate thickness with an accuracy of a fraction of a millimeter. In addition, in each of the lamps there are from 7 to 12 thousand holes with a dozen or so diameters, which, when the lamp is turned on, create fanciful patterns on the walls of the room.

In the "for sale" tab, I put lamps that are currently available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing please contact me.

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